Bird Grooming

When you need your bird’s wing feathers, beak or nails trimmed, look no further than the experts at Jungle Junction.

We create the lowest stress environment possible, gently holding them and gingerly handling the grooming while ensuring your pet’s safety.

Wing clipping can be done on your caged friends to ensure that they do not fly away through open windows or doors or accidentally fly into ceiling fans or other household obstacles or unsafe areas such as the stove or sink area of the kitchen.

We also recommend that your birds be groomed every twelve weeks or as needed. Failing to have your avian friend groomed on a regular basis may lead to problems including but not limited to the following: their nails can become extremely sharp and uncomfortable for you and could create a safety issue for them by potentially getting caught in toys and other things in their cage. Overgrown beaks can cause increased bacteria to hide in small crevices in the beak and cause illness.  Overgrown wings may lead to an increase in aggressive behavior as well as the potential for your pet to fly away.

Although you may want to groom your pet yourself, it is strongly advised that you do not try this as unexpected results can put your feathered friends at risk. Trimming nails can lead to excessive uncontrolled bleeding, cutting wings can result in accidental cutting of blood feathers or trimming the feathers too short thereby creating an unsafe condition of the bird not being able to coast gently to the ground.

The staff in the Spa at Jungle Junction are professionals and only adhere to the strictest health and safety standards. While at the spa, ask our staff about in-store veterinary care.

Bird Grooming

By Appointment only

To ensure a serene and stress-free experience, we operate exclusively by appointment.

Schedule your bird’s exclusive grooming session directly with us.

It’s the perfect way to treat your avian companions to the pampering they deserve.

If you purchased your bird at Jungle Junction, grooming sessions are free for the life of the bird.

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