Jungle Junction Bird Boarding

At Jungle Junction, a stay in our boarding facility is an enjoyable experience for your feathered friend(s). Whether for a few days, a few weeks or more, your feathered friend will be attended to by our experienced and compassionate staff in our climate-controlled, ventilated boarding room.

Our store and bird areas are clean and fully safe and secure by digital surveillance and a professionally monitored security and fire alarm system. We have a fully automatic instant backup generator system in case of a power failure.

Be sure to not to leave your bird with just any bird sitter. Schedule your pets boarding date today.


Bird Boarding

A few things to bring with you:

  • A recent health certificate (within the last six months)
  • 2 or 3 of your pet’s favorite toys
  • Current food fed to your pet (seed or pelleted food)
  • Favorite treat(s)
  • Cage (if not using ours)
  • Any other items that you feel will make your pet feel at home
  • Your pet
Bird Boarding

Boarding Terms

A recent negative Psittacosis test result and a recent health certificate (within the last 6 months) from a Veterinary clinic must be provided before a boarding appointment will be scheduled. This is required to ensure we protect all of our feathered Jungle Campers.

Toys: In the event that you do not bring toys with you, Jungle Junction staff will select 2 toys for your feathered friends’ enjoyment that will be added to your final invoice when you come to pick up your pet.

Treats: If you do not provide treats for your pet, our staff will provide them and you will be charged for them on your final invoice at the time you pick up your pet. Refrigeration is available for all perishable foods and treats.

Your Cage: If you are bringing your own cage for your pet, it MUST be clean and sanitary. In the event that it is not clean and sanitary, our staff will clean and sanitize your cage and a cleaning charge of $25.00 will be added to your final invoice.

By Appointment only

To ensure a tranquil and enjoyable stay for your birds, we operate on an appointment-only basis for our boarding services.

Schedule your bird’s exclusive boarding reservation and rest easy knowing they’re in the hands of our expert caregivers who will treat your pet as if it’s their own.


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